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Service to New Zealand Employers

For over 30 years we have been providing assistance to employers looking to navigate the work visa process for non-residents they wish to bring across to New Zealand or to employ who might already be here.

We work with employers to establish the eligibility of the candidate to secure a Work Visa and then, once retained,  prepare, lodge and process the necessary documentation to ensure that the work Visa is granted within 3 to 4 weeks.

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Proposed New Zealand Work Visa Changes

In December 2018 the government released a consultation document in which it signalled potentially significant changes to the work visa process for foreign workers. Initial indications are that there will be more emphasis placed on the quality of the employer and this will no doubt result in additional layers of bureaucracy. Given the critical skill shortages that exist across the country, which are expected to continue, those employers that are ahead of the changes and who understand what they might be, will be better placed than their competitors to secure the services of non-resident workers. 

Iain MacLeod, Partner of IMMagine, is working with a number of senior industry leaders at the current time to prepare submissions to Government to ensure that the voice of employers and migrants is heard.

We are not predicting wholesale changes and there is no talk of cuts to numbers. This appears logical given the continued generation of thousands of jobs across the economy every month and a lack of sufficiently skilled locals to fill them. Change however is certain and as it normally does the media will no doubt misinterpret the signals and the changes.

Read Iain's recent post on this topic

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