New Zealand Immigration Forms


A selection of current New Zealand Immigration application forms.

Don't know which application form to use? If you have scoured the internet looking for the right Visa application form, but can't find the one you need we have them here. We have compiled a list of the most commonly used Immigration New Zealand application forms and given you a brief description of what each one is used for. We have also included some useful guides and downloads.

Icon Work Visa Application Form (597.3 KB)

This form is used for anyone applying for any type of temporary work visa, with the exception of a Long Term Business Visa. If you are applying under Essential Skills, Work to Residence, Partnership etc, then download this form.

Icon Visitor Visa Application Form (831.6 KB)

Icon Auckland Region Visitor Visa Application Form (353.4 KB)

If you are visiting New Zealand, or already in New Zealand but want to stay longer, then this is the form you should use. You can use the same form both in New Zealand and if applying from offshore.

Icon Temporary Visa Sponsorship Form (250.7 KB)

If you are sponsoring a Visitor to New Zealand then you will need to complete the following Temporary Entry Sponsorship Form.

Icon Student Visa Application Form (613.9 KB)

Want to study in New Zealand? If you are looking to study in New Zealand, either as a foreign student or the child or a Work Visa holder, then this is the form to complete.

Icon Residence Visa Application Form (618.7 KB)

Use this form if you are applying for Residence under Family, Adult Sibling, Work to Residence.

Icon Medical and X-Ray Certificate (333.1 KB)

Anyone intending to stay in New Zealand for 12 months or more needs to complete a full Medical and X-Ray Certificate. If you are applying from offshore, then you may need to have your medical completed by an INZ approved Panel Doctor.

Icon Long Term Skills Shortage List (195.1 KB)

Find out of your skills are in high demand. The Long Term Skill Shortages List is a list of occupations considered by INZ to be in constant demand. Don't worry if you aren't on this list as you may still qualify.

Icon List of Skilled Occupations (75.5 KB)

This is the list of occupations that INZ consider skilled for the purposes of a Skilled Migrant Category application. In order to secure points for an occupation on this list, certain criteria need to be met for each job type listed.

Please note that these forms are produced and published by Immigration New Zealand and are subject to change. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure these forms are up to date, IMMagine New Zealand takes no responsibility for the download or subsequent use of these forms.